Way Late Play Date: Boldly Go Beyond

Special Events
Date: Friday, August 12, 2022

Venue: The Adventure Science Center


It's that time again - up late and getting your geek on! The Adventure Science Center is hosting another Way Late Play Date and the theme for this event is "Boldly Go Beyond!" Bring your phasers, red shirts, and tricorders and help us show up!

Things to know:

  • Age Restriction - This is a 21 and older event so, unfortunately kids can't be at the booth.
  • Location - The event is at The Adventure Science Center 800 Fort Negley Blvd. Nashville, TN 37203
  • Setup - Thursday evening beginning at 6:15pm with the event starting at 7pm.
  • Breakdown - The event ends at 10pm.

Things We Need

  • Volunteers - We need help with presenting at the booth.
  • Projects - Bring your bots and related projects for display.
  • Snacks - We have drinks covered but we need some folks to bring snacks.

Just like all of our other events this is a great opportunity to show Nashville what we are all about. This is a Star Trek themed event. While Robots on display is usually what we go for, this is a great opportunity to bring out some other SciFi projects.

Lastly, lets have fun. Its going to be a fantastic event. Take some time to check things out.

More info on the event: https://www.adventuresci.org/explore/way-late-play-date-star-trek/

See you there!