Arduino Basics Workshop Series and Optional Kit Available


Beginning with the June workshop, MTRAS will now be offering an Arduino Basics Series for those who are new to robotics and specifically new to the Arduino platform. One of the most common questions we are asked is "I love robots and really want to get started but I don't know where to begin." Our goal is to help those who are just getting started and those who are currently tinkering, get a good foundation on which, to build their own ideas. 

What we will cover:

What we won't cover:

What you will need to participate:

This series is meant to be hands on. While there will be some lecture on the basics, the bulk of the sessions will be hands on by the attendees. Visitors/Observers are of course welcome but you may find the experience tiresome without the interaction of participating. Therefore, we encourage you to consider getting or bringing the following items. This series is FREE to attend and if you already have the components in our kit, then there is no expense to participate. 

What's in the kit and how much is it?

The kit we are using contains the following items and can be purchased for $38:

We are purchasing the kits at this and you are welcome to purchase it on your own. However, after already having ordered one for myself, I strongly suggest that you make the purchase prior to May 20th to allow for shipping from China. 

If you would like us to handle this for you then you can pre-order your kit below at cost. The kits will be colllectively shipped to me and I will bring them to the June 20th workshop for you to pick up. 

The deadline for ordering a KIT from this form has passed.
If you would like to order the kit from the vendor click HERE.

There is no deadline to register for the events.



Q: What if I can't make it to the June workshop, can I still participate in later workshops? 
A: Yes! This is a buffet style series - Participate at your convenience.

Q: Will you be repeating any of the workshops on future dates?
A: Not at this time but if there is enough demand then we will certainly consider it.

Q: If I want to reserve a kit, can you go ahead and order it and then I'll pay for it at the meeting?
A: No. To cover the cost of the kit, we would need everyone to pay in advance if they want us to order it. Of course, you are welcome to order the kit yourself and have it shipped to you.

Q: If I order a kit through this form can you have it shipped to my house?
A: No. To keep shipping simple and to ensure that all of the kits are received, if you use the form to order the kit, it will be shipped to me and I will bring them to the meeting for you to pick up. Of course, you are welcome to order the kit yourself and have it shipped to you.

Q: Can I get a refund for the kit in case I can't attend the series sessions?
A: No. Unless the kit is defective in some way, no refunds will be offered. If the kit is defective, then an exchange will be offered for the defective parts.