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Sumo Workshop

  Saturday, November 18, 2023 01:00 PM - 04:00 PM

  Adventure Science Center  |  Nashville-Davidson

This workshop is to discuss a new MTRAS sumo kit developed entirely from scratch by Patrick Becker. We want to start competing with these or other kits beginning with the T-Town Beatdown #2 in January. If you are new to Sumo competitions, then this workshop would be a good starting point!
From Patrick's post on Facebook:
Update: 6 Kits left.
Pre orders available for the MTRAS Sumo Kit.
I am taking pre orders for the MTRAS kit. The kits, in total, are limited to 10.
The plan is to have a workshop after the November meeting to assemble. It all depends on shipping and if there are no issues with the test build. If there is an issue we will have the workshop after Decembers meeting.
Here's what you get:
Pre assembled, tested, MTRAS SUMO PCB with the following hardware:
  • ESP32 USB C Wroom 30 Pin with Bluetooth and WiFi
  • MX1508 Dual Motor Controller
  • Oled i2c Display
  • Piezo buzzer (Passive)
  • 3.3V Voltage Regulator (Recommended voltage is 4.5 to 9V)
  • Misc: On/Off switch, Push Button "Start" and all neccesary cables.
  • 2 x TOF (Time Of Flight) Object detection sensors.
  • 2 x Line Sensors.
Body *Still working on it.
  • Laser cut acrylic frame. Possibly some 3D printed parts.
  • All necessary hardware.
  • 2 x 6V 300rpm N20 Motors with mounts.
  • 2 x Wheels.
  • 7.4v Li-on 1500mah Battery with USB charger.
$75.00 for the entire kit with a $25.00 Cash Back incentive. Yup, you read it right. Enter your bot in either the T-Town Beatdown event or MTRAS Engineering Day (TBD) competition and you get $25.00 cash handed back to you at the event. This is an MTRAS member only incentive right now.
Patrick, are you nuts? Nope.
Why $75 and not just $50? We've done MTRAS Kit builds in the past and the return retention rate is 5-10%. What's the point in spending a ton of time and money when people don't come back?Even at $75 its the cheapest kit you can find.
These kits are sold at cost. We don't make a dime and actually loose money given the fact our time is not compensated for. The loss in payment is paid back seeing people light up when they build their first robot. Seeing someone move on to other projects from what they've gained from an MTRAS kit. Just having fun with other people who share the hobby.
The purpose of this and other kits for MTRAS is to get people into robotics. I truly believe the biggest barrier for people comes down to cost and support.
I will note that in the unfortunate event you are unable to attend either event, the $25.00 will be forfeited and donated to future event prizes.
Still want a kit? Reach out to me directly or send me a Facebook message or using the form below:
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