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MTRAS Line Following Robot Build Workshop

  Saturday, March 16, 2019 01:00 PM - 04:00 PM

  Adventure Science Center

We've been working on a Robotics Kit!

The idea was to build a small, yet expandable, kit. So, for the March Workshop, we will host a MTRAS Group Build! We are planning more workshops around the kit as well, especially for competitions such as line following and quick trip.

Bot Details

We've incorporated an Arduino Nano due to it's small size, yet big I/O count. With the addition of a Breakout board, all pins are easily accessible and Servo-friendly. We ditched standard batteries and opted for a 3350mAh Power Bank which includes a USB charging cable and power LED status. The USB cable doubles as the programming cable. Two Continuous Rotation servos for drive to get builders rolling quickly and easily. A small breadboard allows you to quickly and easily prototype. 3mm Holes line the perimeter of the board to allow you to add components. The initial kit will come with a line following board for an upcoming line following competition.

Members will have the option to pick what color frame, breadboard and wheels they want. Note we have limited quantities so you'll be asked a second color choice just in case.

We are selling the kit AT COST. Actually we're losing money if you factor in the time it takes to design, build a curriculum, make the parts (3D printing, Laser cutting etc) and kit it all together. The kit costs $29.99 plus 1ยข for s/h . We realize that it's not the cheapest kit out there, but we put an emphasis on coming up with something easy to build and expandable that doesn't take days to put together. In fact, this kit should take less than an hour to get moving.

Reserve Ordering

Limited quantity! While we have the means to build more, we are capping the first run at 20. This gives us a manageable number of participants to plan a thorough workshop.

Cutoff is Saturday March 9th.

We build Saturday March 16th during our workshop time. Please, if you purchase a kit make sure you can make the Workshop. There will be more kits available as we plan new workshops so don't worry if you can't make this one.


You can pay using the following three methods. When paying through these services, the person you're sending to is listed below as well.

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  • Venmo - @Patrick-Becker-23


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