July 23rd Meeting Notes

July 23rd Meeting Notes


  • Make Nashville Open House - July 30th (See Events for details)
  • Dragon Con - Sept 2nd - 5th (See Events for details)
    • Robot Battles will be held on the 4th and 5th
  • ​Maker Faire Nashville - Sept 17th (See Events for details)
    • We will be hosting a space at the Faire. 
    • Details and a call for volunteers coming soon.
  • GMX Robot Battles - October 28th - 30th (See Events for details)

Show & Tell

Steve demonstrated his MPCNC project.
MPCNC is an open source CNC platform that is made from 3D printed and off the shelf components.
Resource: http://www.vicious1.com/

​Lyle demonstrated two quadcopters - one of which he was receiving video on a modified car DVD player. The quad that was displaying the video is a Tiny Whoop and comes as an inexpensive kit.
Resouce: Tiny Whoop

​Quincy demonstrated his MPCNC project as well. He and Steve jointly discussed the differences between their builds noting that Steve's used version one designs and Quincy's uses some version 2 updates.
Resource: http://www.vicious1.com/

​Morgan brought in a prototype of an LED project that he developed for work.

​Anthony demonstrated a toy ball robot that changes direction when it encounters an obstacle.

Glen showed a video showing 3D Printed battle bots
Resource: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:766609

​Patrick showed pictures from the Modular Art Pod exhibit.

Meeting Gallery 

Nashville Mini Maker Faire - Call for volunteers
MTRAS Modular Art Pod "Recycled Space" at Oz Arts ...

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